With over forty years of experience in the kitchen, making well-crafted food is my passion.

Starting in my family’s restaurant in Vermont, I was soon working in restaurants in France, Scotland, Italy, and finally back in New England.  Upon moving with my family to Kentucky, I hung up my restaurant jacket and began concentrating on bringing my cuisine to small, intimate groups of clients, patrons, and friends. For over twelve years I brought my perspective on cooking to the bluegrass, but I began to feel restless and found myself wanting to do more, to feed a greater audience. And so began the food “truck”, Fork in the Road Mobile Galley. For two solid years now I’ve brought my cooking to the streets of Lexington.

Always embracing the regionality of where I am, Southern cooking is being balanced with the techniques and feel of where I’ve cooked before.  The result is an exciting blend of where I’ve been and where I am now, really the food of our times.

And now on to my biggest and boldest move, back into the restaurant arena. I am proud to bring to Lexington and all of my patrons, past and future, a place that will be astounding; middle fork kitchen bar. Please stay tuned for updates on its construction and its planned opening in the summer of 2014.

You hear the words “fresh”, “seasonal”, and “local” thrown around a lot these days, and with good reason.  Ingredients are at the forefront of the cooking process, no short cuts, you can count on having the best sustainable products going into my cuisine.  Great foods in, great dishes out.


I’m a chef, and a good one.  That means I’m at the market, or talking to local farmers, then on to the kitchen, and finally preparing the final plate coming out to you.  I’m not going to go very far without an equally dedicated set of serving staff to make your food experience a great one.  I trust my small cadre of foodie associates with my art and livelihood.  They’re the best at what they do because they care about you as much as I do.


Lexington Kentucky is such a wonderful place to be living and cooking.  There are the great venues we all know, like the Bell, Hunt-Morgan, and the Bodley-Bullock houses.  And there are the beautiful dining rooms and kitchens in the homes of my clients.  All great places to entertain and indulge our epicurean fancies.  On top of that there are the “secret” spots in and around our fair city.  The rooftop gardens, the patios and decks, the parks, the farms.  I love real food, and I love it even more when we’re “really anywhere”.


I cater (to supply what is desired).  To me, that means I fulfill the gastronomic needs of you!  One day, I’ll do a working lunch for you and your staff that will knock your socks off (mind your step).  On another day you might find yourself sitting at an elegant, crisply dressed table in the middle of an organic farm enjoying the fruits of the land, your evening’s pleasure being served.  And soon you’ll have a seat, to my mind’s eye, at one of the new great eateries of Lexington and beyond.